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Why we need specialist consultancy?

With Specialist consultants

  • Project specific design and configuration
  • Properly define the interoperability and integration
  • Cost competitive bidding
  • Open system ensures investment protection
  • Life cycle cost saving
  • Flexibility to adopt changes or updates

Without Specialist consultants

  • Vendor based configuration
  • Focused on Vendor product features
  • Locked to specific manufacturer/proprietary protocols
  • Hidden costs-variations
  • High retrofit cost, Lacks flexibility
Due to lower initial cost of ELV systems, they are given lower priority in early stages, often getting clubbed together with other service packages resulting improper implementation, cost overruns and reworks. ELV systems play a vital role in achieving comfort, safety and productivity.
They impact both the occupant and builder and also very critical in minimizing overall life cycle cost. Specialist ELV consultant brings in focused approach, leverage technology advances based on open systems to ensure investment protection, well defined specifications for cost effective bidding, proper Performance testing and handing over.